Vegan Market Brooklyn 26th of February

Vegan market Brooklyn

26th of February 2017

1140 Myrtle Ave, 2nd floor at Market Hotel, Brooklyn

About Vegan Market you can read more info in first article here. This time I didn´t come go alone..Jill was my company with her I had such a great time there and fun. We decided try as we can from many vendors.

This was so delicious. "Meat" is made from seitan. It is full of tastes ad with sauce makes balanced taste. I wished never end of sandwich. Check their website Monk's to find out where you can stop for it.



Marty's V Burger

Their credo is "Fast Food, no Bull". If you love burger you will definitely satisty your taste buds with this burger made from seitan, black beans and brown rice with melted cheddar cheese and speacial sauce. They are in construction open fast food. Check website Marty's V Burger be informated when it is gonna happen.



Screamer's Pizzeria

Couldn't leave without Cauliflower Buffalo piece. That was amazing experinece, because one of my the most favourite food is cauliflower buffalo. On their website Screamer's you can find where they have shop and which kinds they have. Can't wait to try another one.



Pleasant Petites

We tried from each kind and I can tell that the combinations are tuned into perfection. For me with each bite were new tastes. Thank you, you are inspiration for me. More info about company, location and posibility to order on website PleasantPetites.



Freakin´ Vegan

We tried their Buffalo Chik´n Sliders. For those who love very spicy it it the right. Wiith little bit sweet bun they form perfect combination. Freakin´n Vegan create flavorful and satisfying food using only simple, natural ingredients. In their offer you can find also Zucchini tarti, Chik´n Veggie Pot Pie and more and more. Check it in Freakin´ Vegan.




Rawclates is collection of raw, organic chocolates using unusaul combinations of exotic flavors, superfoods. When you see it you want to try all of them. For example you can try combination of Blueberry and Lavender, Salt and Pepper Caramel, Earl´s Grey, Chai with Turmeric Caramel and more tastes which attract you with ingredients. Check it theit website Rawclates get more info.



Color Me Chad

Would you like something special? Long lasting beautiful colours of vegan lipsticks. Find yours. I found mine, actually three already. Check first article about talented person Chad here or visit his website ColorMeChad.



V Marks the Shop

If you need fast and delicious snack, this is the right for you. From this shop I love Vegan Jerky. They offer in multiple kinds, which are full of flavor and will satisfy your taste buds. Check their website V Marks the Shop find out more vegan food and snacks like cheese, dips, candies etc.




Do you love mexican food? This will be perfect you. Combination of housemade soy mix, corn ,cucumber salsa and lime cream is simply delicious. Stay tuned on Vegicano where you can find this delicious mexican vegan food next or get inspire with some recipes.



Nutty Bunny

Like sweet point in the end I choose Double Chocolate Crunch Vegan ice cream made just from natural ingredients like cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup, hazelnuts, vanilla etc. Finished all bucket how delicious was it. Go to their website Nutty Bunny to discover what story is behind this, what flavors you can try and stores where you can find them.

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