Strawberry Donuts

Strawberry Donuts




5 oz walnuts

10 oz dates

1.5 oz flaxseed meal

3 oz coconut

0.5 oz carob

2.5 oz water


Strawberry Cream

3 oz cashews

0.8 oz dates

0.5 oz freeze dried strawberries

(article about freeze dried

fruit here)

2 oz coconut oil

4 oz water

0.2 oz lemon juice

vanilla powder


Carob Chocolate

recipe here




In food procesor mix walnuts and dates and then place them to bowl and mix with another ingredients for dought. Fill the mold for donuts with dought.


In blender mix all ingredients for Strawberry Cream till the cream is smooth (about ! minute). Then put cream on donuts, garnish with chocolate and chill in fridge about 30 minutes to get cream hard.



The rest of chocolate place to the mold for chocolate and put into to freezer.



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