Food and cooking is my passion. Love discovering new tastes of vegan world and love to share with you.


My journey started when I was 12 years old. Step by step I became vegetarian and throught the years experiencig, trying dishes, following some courses, trying raw food, vegan, only fruit and I became vegan. There are two reasons,the first was health and with more and more knowledge the second reason was about animals as well.


On course of raw food when the first time I tried raw vegan dessert I felt in love. I knew that it is something what I want to do. From childhood I loved desserts and never knew when to stop to eat. But desserts were unhealthy, full of sugar, fat, so then I become full of fat too. These raw desserts were perfect solution. Eat desserts and stay energized, give to the body just good things. So step by step I started trying recipes and then one day I tried to make cake just from ingredients what I had and my friend told me that was the best cake I made. Since that time I started making desserts from favourite ingredients or tried making raw vegan version of unhealthy ones. Lot of desserts I made for request of friends and others who asked for some dessert in healthy form.



With love,


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